About Us

About NorthRock Solutions
For almost 20 years, NorthRock has refined a pharmacy model built by community mental health centers for community mental health centers.

Our mission is to provide value, convenience, and clinical connections to support better outcomes for community behavioral healthcare providers and their clients.

Through a 50/50 ownership model, each pharmacy partner benefits from shared dividends and has an equal say in oversight and direction-setting for the business. NorthRock Solutions manages the day-to-day pharmacy operations, licensing, contracting, facilities, HR and personnel management, purchasing, and billing.

Our true north is ensuring high-quality, whole health, person-centered care that helps people living with mental illnesses and addictions succeed in recovery.

Our Story

NorthRock was founded by two community mental health center executives, frustrated with spending exorbitant amounts to pay for medications purchased for indigent clients. There had to be a better way to reduce medication costs, improve client compliance and engagement, and decrease no-show rates. They partnered to create a new 50/50 venture, which also created a new revenue stream that could be reinvested back into their organizations.

Now, almost 20 years later, NorthRock has a legacy of trust and ingenuity that’s backed by data.

Our model is fully replicable. If your organization is progressive, forward-thinking, and looking for new ways to face future challenges, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about joining us as a pharmacy partner.